Friday, January 20, 2012

The deep thoughts of a SAHM

*Wow, this picture quality is terrible. Sorry.
My kid loves cars. This shouldn't be news to anyone. Hot wheels, matchbox, airplanes, tractors, trucks, you name it, if it has wheels, he likes it. A lot. He is also really good at making car noises. How is that? Bill and I were lying on the couch playing with his cars one night and we discovered I make a really bad car noise. But after much coaching, I've got the shifting down. I've been driving for 12 years. How is it that my 21 month old can make a better car noise than me?

On to more pressing questions? Out of desperation, (4-5:30 is a hard time of day) I've put on the movie Cars. Scoff if you will. It is a happy movie, sans bad guys. Nemo makes an obviously dumb decisions and thus endangers his father with sharks and bombs and other scary things in order to find his lost child. Come on, a parents worst nightmare, losing your kid. He doesn't get UP. Toy Story is great, but since Asher likes cars so much, we watch it occasionally. It hasn't turned into an obsession for him and we both like it. But every time I watch it, I come up with new questions? What do the cars eat? How come there are no baby cars? Where would they put a baby car, does it already drive everywhere? How did the Cozy Cone get built, I mean the cars have no hands? Who knew a tire could be so versatile, it can wave a flag, but how? Can anyone answer these questions???

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Down with the Routine

By no means is this a "woe is me" post. I'm just sayin.

Is anyone else tired of the routine? I know I have it good, no, I have it great. I have a great little family, a great apartment, my husband has a great job, etc. But I'm tired of the routine of cleaning. Am I the only one who wakes up in the morning and thinks "ugh, the kitchen is dirty already, I just cleaned it last night?" or "I just swept and mopped my floor, why is every kernel of corn served at dinner littering the floor?". I know, having a kid = dirty. I'm just saying. Tell me I'm not the only one. It's mostly those two things. Laundry doesn't bug me, yet I always seem to be folding something. Vacuuming is fine, Asher thinks it's hilarious. Bathrooms, well I should probably be annoyed by them, I guess that just goes to show how often I clean them. But that darn kitchen and the floor. Ugh. I hate them. Though I like my kitchen. And the floors are nice too. Didn't we have kids to clean for us?Among other topics of the day. Asher refuses to feed himself anymore. As you can see here, the little turkey likes to hand his spoon to me so I can feed him. But if you examine the picture closely, you can see yogurt smeared on his face letting me know that at least he tried. Self feeding is inefficient apparently.

Last but not least, the above pictured child likes to scream. He is just exercising his vocal chords, but it is piercing. I think I have ended every day this week with a headache. On the other hand, said child is sitting on my lap playing with my iphone and dancing to the music that he managed to turn on. I like him. And I think it is funny when he turns on siri and siri can't understand his command. Neither can I, siri.