Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 year old Soccer

 I put Asher in a soccer class last month. I thought it would be fun. For me, for him, who knows? Lets be honest, 2 is kind of young for a sports class. It was...chaos. But cute chaos, no? There were 5 kids in the class, 4 boys and 1 girl. The girl was really good at listening and following directions. The boys had their own agenda. It was a good opportunity to take lots of pictures. Maybe he'll be more ready next year. By day 3 of the class, he wanted to watch/play baseball. He is his father's son. Please follow along the excessive amount of pictures for the play by play of class that week.
 He improved his kicking skills!
 He found throwing the ball was a much more consistent way to make a goal.
 He sat a lot. They all did.
 He played with the cones. They all did.
 He needed his mom!
 He was cute!
 Lots of parental involvement. I was exhausted after every class. I think every parent was.
 He learned coordination in kicking over the cone with the ball (it was an exercise they practiced a lot).
 Bill made it to one class to see Asher play! Consequently, Asher was very distracted.
 He did some ball kissing? I like Bill's look on his face "what?".
He was tired of soccer, needed to be held.
All and all, it was a fun and exhausting week. We both napped well. Not to mention it was so humid the whole time. Ug, DC in the summer, it's the worst! Anyway, I love the bazillion pictures we got from it so I guess it was a success. And Asher does have some mad soccer skillz.