Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Here

Hello, anybody out there? I'm here, I promise. I just got internet TODAY! Who knew I was so dependent on the internet, but not having it for the last 3 weeks has be difficult....torture even. Can't look up destinations, or recommendations for this that or the other. Luckily, my blackberry has gotten me through a few rough patches (where is the closest CVS...)Anyway, we left Chicago on Saturday morning, and got to DC in about 12 hours. The babe was a trouper and only really had a melt down during the last hour of the drive. I'll take it. I expected him to be way worse! Anyway, last family picture in Chicago next to old reliable - the Camry.In our new place. We decided to paint before all of our stuff arrived. Someone had the bad idea of painting the whole apartment purple.
My sweet babe, growing like a weed. His hair stands on end and he eats his feet and rolls like a potato bug. (it's causing problems, he likes to roll the most when he should be sleeping:(
Bill has started work and is loving it. So while he is working hard for the money, I'm hanging with my sister. We're fun like that.
And the boys like playing together. So we indulge and have regular play dates. There has only been one incident of hair pulling. Of course only one of them has enough hair to pull (see Asher's hair stands on end).And there you have it. Hello from DC!