Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Merry Christmas, one and all! We had a very merry Christmas at the Weaverson house this year. We were lucky enough to have Bill's mom here with us. We decided to spend the longest day of the year (Christmas Eve) in the District visiting the National tree. It was weak and rather disappointing. But the little trains running around it was a big hit with Asher. So instead of taking pictures with the ugly tree, we took pictures with the National Menorah. Just kidding, there is one, but we opted for the ever festive White House which is right behind the national tree. Next year, we'll head over to the capital building, its tree was much nicer.
We then headed over to my sister's for our Christmas eve festivities. Here is a phone picture of the boys in their matching Christmas jammies. I'll be getting a better pictures soon. But I had to post last years tree pictures, because the boys have changed so much.
Fast forward 12 hours to Christmas morning. We had our obligatory coming down the stairs picture and Asher proceeded to charge to the tree. Or maybe I should say past the tree. He didn't get it. It thus took much of the day before all his presents were opened. We didn't even go crazy on presents for him. He just loves his toys so much, he couldn't part with them long enough to open another present. Cars, cars, and more car related stuff.

We had a very Giant Christmas. I think everyone received at least one Giant's item. Shirts, gnomes, plaques, books, dvd's. You name it, we have it. We love the SF Giants. Don't forget.
Asher got a scooter this year from the grandparents. He loves it. He can't really use it yet, but I'm sure come summer time, he'll be all over it.
I wanted a try, so I kicked him off. Just kidding. He was watching his cousin, apparently the ground is more comfortable than standing.
After a full day of eating, opening, churching, and familying, we did more familying and eating. It was a lovely day of family and friends and celebrating the birth of our Savior. I'm sad that it's over. 363 days seems so far away.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I don't have a good title

Tis a busy time of year. We went to the firm holiday party on Saturday. Bill pulled out the crushed velvet jacket for this special occasion. Where is the cravat, you ask? How can you wear crushed velvet without a cravat? Well my friends, he went without this year, but next year, we will conquer the cravat. I, on the other hand, went with the classic cocktail dress. It worked out. Who doesn't like the excuse to get dressed up once in a while?
We've been decorating for Christmas. Asher and the cat have slowly dismantled the bottom 2 1/2 feet of the tree. So we are very festive on the top 3 feet of the tree and scrooges on bottom. I've even decided to be crafty and made a wreath. Dang that pintrest, it gets me every time. That website is revolutionizing our Christmas this year. First making a wreath, now I feel the need to make all the tags for the presents. I have the unhealthy desire to be Martha Stewart. "It's a good thing".
We've decided not to buy any presents for Asher this year. Since he loves playing in left over costco boxes, that is what he is getting. Just kidding, none of the above is true. I'm sure he will be spoiled rotten, but boxes are the cheapest toys on earth. I like them, and so does he.
The cat has been spending his days hiding from Asher in either the bathtub or one of the bathroom sinks. I never knew watching me put on mascara would be so exciting for a cat, but he is right there with me every morning. And the tip of his tongue is always sticking out (see picture below) thus causing major halitosis.
Last but not least, an elephant has joined the family. Asher loves this stuffed animal. It likes us too. It has been into photo bombing, or just taking over pictures lately, which ever is easiest. Naughty elephant.
Oh yeah, and I'm 28. I feel like this is a big number. 27 was fine, 28 feels frighteningly close to 30. This month is extra busy because this is the one month that Bill and I are the same age. Must take advantage of our 28ness and be crazy before the old age of 29 rolls in with hearing loss and incontinence. Maybe a black tie new years party is in order?