Thursday, August 26, 2010

With Mom and Dad

Asher is a poor painter. He rarely remembers to put paint on his brush, and he pays far more attention to the TV. But he is excited to be done, because that means we're closer to moving, and that means he gets to spend more time with his mom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy #5

Happy belated anniversary. Here's to many more!

picture circa 2005

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I went out to DC this weekend to look for an apartment and to see my sister and her little family. She had a baby in June and I felt like our kids needed to meet. We had a little photo shoot on the couch. My babe is almost 4 months old, and her babe is 5 weeks old. I forget how small they are. He makes my baby look gigantic. I'm glad that the bigger baby is being held up by a 5 week old. Here is more of our photo shoot.
Does this make me a bad mom because instead of putting the babies up right again, I laughed and snapped some more pictures (neither were crying). Oops. Couldn't help myself. Come on, don't tell me this isn't funny.
In other news, we found an apartment! Hurray. I may have cried hysterically 2 or 3 times while searching, but we came, we saw, and we conquered! Let me just brag for a minute. It has a washer and dryer in the unit! I'm excited. And it's reasonably priced...for DC...cough cough. Searching for apartments is the worst. process. EVER! Thank goodness it's over for at least a year.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mr Mom

We are alive, I promise. It has just been a busy summer - well busy month of July. First off I went back to work. Lame I know. Something about being responsible and having an income until Bill's job starts. Got to pay the bills:( So Bill has been a stay at home dad all while studying for the CA bar. We made it work. When I got home from work, I would take over and Bill would continue studying until 1 or 2 in the morning. There may have been a day or two when I received a panicked email about a baby not sleeping and thus no studying was accomplished. But over all, it all worked out. And I think Bill enjoyed the time with our babe. I'm sure this was the face made when I walked out the door every day. Just kidding, he was fine.

Also, I ran a 5k this month. I decided I needed a race to motivate me and get back in shape. It went better than I thought, but I looked at the pictures and decided they were all too ugly to post.
Oh yeah, cut my hair way short. I put my faith in Dave to make me look great. He might have failed. It isn't that bad, but I feel like I have mom hair. Dave told me it wasn't a mom cut, it has too much spice for that. Whatever. It's growing on me...get it?! bahahaha. I think I'm growing it out, but I've adjusted and love how easy it is, just not how short it is.
I've also been searching for a new apartment. I'm losing sleep over it. Needless to say, it is very stressful and all consuming - thus no blogging. DC is muy expensive and the apartments are small.
And our final activity of this month was Bill taking the bar. Can I get a hallelujah that it is over?! I've felt like a single mom for the last month. No fun. I know studying for and taking the bar sucked too. Oh well, it's over. Now we have to squeeze in as much fun as possible before we move.
Now onto a busy August, and maybe life will slow down a bit in September. Cross your fingers.