Monday, October 19, 2009

Mice infestation

I've had a problem lately. Mice infestation. They seem to be everywhere. I went to the gym during lunch today, and was digging through my gym bag to discover a mouse at the bottom. Last week, I hauled my cloth bag to the grocery store to carry my goods, and what do I discover as I'm unloading my groceries when I got home? A MOUSE. How disgusting, right? But don't forget this post I did last year. It should calm her fears, the mice infestation is really just little catnip mice that the cat likes to hide. I don't know how he gets them into these weird locations, but nevertheless, here is proof. I decided to pose the mouse in my gym bag next to my mouse at work. They became fast friends.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Have you guys heard of this documentary by Chr!s R0ck? I have to say, since moving to the south side, it has struck my interest. But after living here for 2 years, seeing a barber shop/salon on every corner is starting to make more sense. I had no idea that hair was taken so seriously. Maintaining my hair costs a fair amount, but I definitely don't spend 8 hours in the chair, and I don't drop thousands of dollars to get my golden locks. Check it out.

*disclaimer, this is Chr!s R0ck. enough said.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will it ever come

So there are some blogs that I read and they are crafty. I'm not really a "DIY" kind of person. I don't have a problem with it, I just lack inspiration and possibly time. But I was thinking as I was reading a post about collecting catalogs and ripping out the pages for inspiration, when will I have time to do this. I've had this idea before, and I've ripped out pages, but alas, they probably sit in a stack for too long, and then it becomes necessary to de-clutter. To the point. I always think, "when I quit working full time, I'll have time to do all those things I've been meaning to do".
Yesterday, I took the day off work because I worked all weekend. And after my failure to get a new license (forgot my wallet, w/ the old license), I came home and decided to organize my growing mound of recipes. I lost inspiration, and the pile sat there. Do you blame me? Hoda and Kathy Lee were on, I miss them! And I didn't clean my house, or make anything particularly delicious for dinner either. Oh yeah, and the fabric I bought this summer to make a blanket, is still sitting there, stitchless - but it has been washed.
I think I'm a lost cause. No amount of time will change my uncraftyness. Boo.