Saturday, November 13, 2010

Favorite Photos

I have been sorting through pictures for an extended family photo album. Anyway, I've run into pictures that are awesome, so I'm devoting a post just to those.
p.s. Bill has taken pretty much all of the awesome photos.
Victim of poop street, Chicago, IL
Washington Monument
St. Louis Arch
Winter in Chicago
Lance Armstrong, Boston Marathon '08
Freemont Street, Las Vegas
Emma, Bill's dog sister
Enough time has passed that I can post this picture now. In case you are wondering, it is cookie dough ice cream, and yes, it was delicious - baby liked it too.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bill the Baller or Gala-er

So last weekend Bill was invited to a black tie event - the Lombardi Gala, or something like that. His firm represents the NFL or some aspect of it, and since he worked on the case that went to the supreme court last summer, one of the partners invited him to come along to the event. The firm bought a table, but alas, since people from the NY office and DC office would be there, there was no room for me. Poor me, it would of been fun, but it would have been a nightmare coming up with a formal dress in 3 days time (excuses excuses, I would have made it happen). Anyway, we checked out tux rentals, they are very expensive. Luckily, Bill found one on sale. When he told me that, I asked him if it was baby blue or brown (because who would have a decent looking tux on sale for such an amazing price?). He said it's just black. Score, so Bill is now an owner of a tux, and he looked great if I may say so myself. All the pictures of just him had bad lighting, so you'll have to see my tuxed boy with a pant-less boy. He had a grand time eating good food, and talking law. Oh yeah, and there were even NFL hall of famers. Don't ask who they were, because unless they are Joe Montana or Steve Young, I probably have no idea who they are.

And lastly, here is a few pictures from out trip to the Shenandoah mountains. The colors were amazing and the crowds were ridiculous.



Friday, November 5, 2010

Bit o' life

It is 2:54 in the afternoon, and the cat is still in bed. I think he is suffering from depression, just can't bring himself to get up in the morning. Or possibly, he is catching up on sleep lost in the night when Asher is crying. When the baby is crying, nobody sleeps. Boo.
Speaking of the cat, when I picked up our new to us car, I had to clean out the Camry, and while doing so Asher was screaming. The guy helping me clean out the car was really helpful and got Asher to stop crying......with a toy mouse he found under the seat (left there from when we moved). Thoughtful, but really?? giving my kid cat toys?? Gross.
Moving on, Mom, this picture is for you. Asher's hair is getting to be a little bit ridiculous (long and standing straight up), so we wet it and combed it down. He doesn't look like my baby anymore.
Took a trip to Utah in October. It was great to see my family, and even some friends. I was told that my blog has turned into a baby blog. Despite my efforts, it's true. But I will say, I have not, and will NEVER, do a post of 20 pictures of Asher in different positions, with no words. I try to have some sustenance in my posts.
Next item of business, we drove out to the Shenandoah state park (along with everyone else in DC) to see the colors of fall and do a quick hike. Unfortunately, both sets of batteries for the camera were dead. I'm still waiting for pictures from my sister who planned better.

And last but not least, one more Halloween picture of Asher and cousin...because I think it is cute.
oh yeah, I'm listening to one of my favorite artists, A Fine Frenzy, as I type this with one hand and hold Asher with the other. He squealed with delight when I turned it on. I'm glad he has good taste in music like his mama.

Monday, November 1, 2010