Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update!

It's been a month and I don't feel bad. Like always, I have no idea what we've been up to. So we're going bullet style.
  • Asher has been sick lately with a cough. It is a bummer. He think he gets extra privileges since he is sick, hence the feet on the table while he eats.
  • He had another hair cut. He generally has long hair because I LIKE IT! But there comes a point where he needs a trim. And getting a trim is like murder. Much screaming and gnashing of teeth. It is painful for everyone involved or around. Believe me, I've got huge biceps just from holding his arms down.
  • We bought a new car! Hurray. It really isn't that exciting. You see, this is our third car in 3 years. How does that happen. Well our second car, was a heap of #@&*! It was a lemon. We poured money into it and it never got better. So the day that smoke started coming out of the engine and hot tears were streaming down my face, my trusty mechanic told me (again, this wasn't the first time) that we needed to get rid of our car. Now. So we did. It's embarrassing all the problems we had with our last car. I think we put our mechanic's daughter through a year of private school. All I have to say is, I'll never leave you again, Toyota. I'm sorry, I've learned my lesson. Well, I'll never leave Japanese cars again. Amen. (If you want to know what not to buy, ask me. I should do a smear page). It is nice to have a reliable car again. It starts every morning without a problem, it's amazing!
  • The weather has been quite delicious here. In fact, next week is supposed to be in the 70's every day. I got a sunburn last week from spending 2 hours at the park.
  • We celebrated Fat Tuesday here like usual and bought a King Cake. But lo and behold, there was no King! It was very disappointing.
  • I went to Chick Fil A yesterday for lunch with a friend and it was delicious! That house sauce and fries are so good.
  • Asher is of course a silly boy. Although he thinks I'm the silly person and tells me "you're so silly" about 80x a day. I like it.
  • Bill convinced me to participate in his fantasy baseball league this year. There was much negotiating since I've been resisting for the past 4 years he's been doing the league. I'm getting a Sunday walk as a family for my participation. The draft is next week. My teammate and I are ready to go in and dominate.
  • And last but not least, I think we have finally cured our cat's severe halitosis. Who knew a cat could possibly have that bad of breath. Cass would open his mouth to yawn and it was a stink fest. But a little teeth brushing and new food seems to have solved the problem.
  • One more, I've started doing Instagram. My ability to document our life seems to be sporadic so I'm doing this and it's kind of fun. Anyone else doing it? Tell me and I'll follow you.