Saturday, May 12, 2012

Changes, better than 2-Pac

Oh my, it has been 2 months and 1 day and so many things have changed. First of all, blogger is different. When did that happen? I reopened my blogger hopping I hit a wrong button, but alas, that's just the way it is. C'est la vi.
Where shall I start. I'm doing bullets again. Sorry.
  • Asher and I made the pilgrimage out to Utah. It was the first time we had been back in 18 months. Far too long. Flying with a 2 year old is a pilgrimage, as it comes with great sacrifice.
  • We had a lovely trip to Vegas with Bill's best friend from Brentwood. I left Asher in Utah with my parents where he had way more fun playing with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And cars. And Bill and I met up for a weekend of friends and fun.
  • All my siblings made it to the great state of Utah for a couple days! It seems to be a rare occurrence for my siblings to all be together anymore. But so fun when it happens.
  • Did I mention, Bill and I had a vacation sans kid...yeah, it was great! So I thought I'd just throw it in there again.
  • Asher turned 2 in April. He is a funny boy. He talks our ears off and loves to point out everything he sees as we drive. He LOVES his cousin that lives close by and asks for him daily. They are the best of friends until someone steals a Lighting McQueen. But all is quickly forgiven.
  • I raced a 10 miler and a 5k every Friday for the month of April. Just the 5k's were weekly. It was actually really fun. Took the pressure off by racing so much. I didn't feel like all my training was for nothing if things didn't go as planned.
  • Bill's firm suffered a massive Lehman Brothers like melt down. It was very stressful. As of this coming Tuesday, Bill's firm will no longer exist.  Did I say it was very stressful, it was.
  • Luckily, Bill starts his new job this Monday. Hurray! I'm just grateful that Bill felt like he should start talking with headhunters when he did. Otherwise, we'd be out of a job like so many others.  Don't you worry, I've been praying in thanks like you wouldn't believe.
  • Bill is very excited about his new firm and will be working solely in their energy practice group. At Dewey, he was doing energy and antitrust, but decided energy was the place for him.
  • Since we had a week of downtime between the firm collapsing and the start at the new firm, we took a quick trip up to Rehoboth Beach, DE. It was great! Who goes to Delaware? We do.  And we at tons of sea food. (Hoda & KLG go there too)
  • And then the usual stuff. We've been going to Nationals games, playing in the sand (much to my chagrin, it is impossible to contain), bbqing, eating fresh strawberries, relaxing (this week), and training for a triathlon (me).
 Nats game
 Asher's 2nd birthday. It was a banner day.

 Naked in an effort to keep the sand out of the car.  Despite nudity, the car and his bed were still covered in a layer of sand. Darn that mop of hair...

 I take it back. I like the new blogger. I guess all these changes are pretty good.