Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Dump - June

 Photo Dump. It has been a wild month. And since it has been month, I have a bit to catch up on and if I don't do it now, it won't happen.
We had a major storm here at the end of June which left us without power for about 24 hours. We were very lucky. Lots of people were without power for much longer - up to a week and it was blisteringly hot and humid. Think 106 and no power. And with humidity, shade isn't cool. It made for a miserable 24 hours. But really, I can't complain. Though we got power back on quickly, we didn't have internet for over a week. Who knew life could be so hard without internet. I had no idea what to do with my billions of eggplants and zucchini. And thus, no blogging. So here is a major catch up. I'm into instagram lately, so excuse my funky filters, but I like them.
 This boy loves his kung fu panda hat. He wore it all day long. Had to practice for the big SF Giants game.
 Happy anniversary to us (next month). We bought ourselves a new lens! I like it. It makes our camera look so beefy.
 Lego architecture exhibit. Pretty cool, and you can build stuff too. Bill and Asher were in heaven. Until Asher got bored, which was shortly after this picture. In due time, Bill. Be patient.
 I couldn't help myself, I had to buy Asher these euro swim trunks. I see why mothers eat their babies. He is delicious!
 Cousin's birthday!
Asher's cars had been disappearing one by one. We opened up the sub-woofer and their was a parking lot of cars in there.

 Bill has been playing on the firms softball team. All the firm league games are played on the Ellipse (behind the White House) pretty cool.

 Firm league baseball. Yep, we live in kind of a cool place.

 More baseball. We went to the Giants/Nationals game. Again, was blisteringly hot. So hot Asher could only wear his hat while Sandoval -the Kung Fu Panda, hit. We think Asher was lucky, because Sandoval hit a homer. We left before the 7th. We spent a small fortune on beverages trying to keep cool and still couldn't cool down.
 4th of July fireworks were view on the roof of Bill's firm. We were just off capital hill, so we could hear the show they were putting on at the Capitol and see all the fireworks going off down by the Washington Monument- as seen in the background.
 Another game, but with awesome firm seats. 2nd row behind the Nationals dugout. Who knew professional baseball players were so big? And, it was blisteringly hot. Again. But shade kicked in and we were able to make it through the entire game. Our friend Jeff, who came with us, was sitting next to Ben Bernanke - the Chairman of the Fed.