Monday, June 27, 2011


We kind of just got back from a week long vacation to the Outerbanks, NC. I say kind of because we have been home for over a week now. But it was a welcome break from daily life and all of my family flew in for the week. We took about a bazillion pictures, so here are just a few...very few. It was a week full of cannon ball contests, the beach, eating seafood, kites, a light house, the Wright Memorial, sand castles in the sand*, otterpops, and so on an so forth. Why is coming home from vacation so hard?

We picked the most windy day for family pictures

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fruits of my labors

I bought a hiking backpack for my boy this week. I'm really excited about it because those suckers are expensive. I got mine used and had been looking for a while but I never seem to show up to consignment sales early enough to get the goods such as this. But someone just wanted to get rid of it and I snatched it up. It's in great shape and I think we'll be hitting up the Shenandoah's pretty soon for some family hikes! And Asher seems to like far.
I made this delicious pizza last night for dinner. Let me tell you, it was simply delicioso! I made fresh pesto from the basil in my balcony "garden" and those tomatoes came from...costco. But they were pretty good - campari tomatoes.
But wait, look, what is that I see? 2 little tomatoes growing their little hearts out!
Soon they will be on my next pizza, as or whatever else I decide to make. Or maybe I'll just eat them like an apple, like the good ol days.
I picked a lot of basil last night and my plants still look very full. Need more recipes that call for copious amounts of basil. I'm taking suggestions.
And finally, have you all seen the new food pyramid? This is it. Looks pretty good right? My only complaint is that the vegetable portion is so big and the fruit portion is so small. Can't it be reversed? Why is is so much harder to eat vegetables than fruit? They didn't even include any fat into the diet, so where does my peanut butter snickers fit. Protein section?? My dietary guideline plate has a salad plate off to the side for dessert - it's on the other side of the dairy.