Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Epitome of Patriotism

Bill's been trying to upload a video for 3 days now. So until that finishes loading (if ever), please enjoy our patriotic cat - to help you get in the mood for the holiday weekend.
Cass loves America!

*No this picture wasn't staged, I can't help it if my cat is awesome.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed Asher last Sunday. We were so glad that we could have both of our families in town not only for graduation, but also for the blessing. It was definitely a fun filled weekend. Anyway, here is the special boy himself. Bill felt that his outfit was cute for a dress. Whatever, I thought he was adorable, and I could have done a traditional blessing outfit and put him in a dress. It's not girly at all. And, I left off the bonnet that it came with.
We tried to take pictures at the church afterword, but as you can see from the 2 pictures posted, his good mood quickly deteriorated. Apparently, it was time to eat.
So we took some pictures later in the day of the whole family after he had eaten and had a nice long nap. Anyway, it was a great day, and again, we are so glad we had everyone there for this special occasion.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Bill graduated from law school on Saturday! It was a great day. The day started with a down pour as soon as we arrived at the Rockefeller Chapel where the hooding ceremony was held. But let up as soon as we were all drenched. They really couldn't have picked a better location. They had the organ blaring and a brass quartet and a beautiful location! Anyway, so here are some pictures from our day.
First picture is of Bill Weaver JD (can't put Esq until he is sworn in, it's against the law, he would know). in front of the University of Chicago Law School.

Rockefeller Chapel
I managed to snap this picture during the graduate procession leaving the ceremony, and I like the picture, so I thought I would share it.
Congrats Bill!!
Yeah for never having to go to school again!
Hurray for only 1 more test for the rest of your life!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Trails

Last night we watched the documentary "Ultra Marathon Man". Can we just say, he is crazy. In case you aren't familiar with this guy, he ran 50 marathons, in 50 days, in 50 states. Madness. But it was exciting in a way that probably only a runner would really appreciate.
I've been getting back into running, slowly but surely. In fact, I have my dream stroller to aid my quest of getting back into shape--The Bob, the Mecca of running strollers. Can I just tell you how much I love this thing...I do. I took my sweet babe out for a run this morning (it has a car seat adapter, so he is nice and safe, don't worry) and a mile into the run, it started to pour. It felt like the good old days of running- except that back then all I had to push was myself. It was most enjoyable and very wet (for me).
Speaking of getting back into shape, I got on the Wii fit yesterday and it said. "Hello Kate, it has been 359 days since your last session!" Then it told me that I didn't succeed in my weight loss goal from 359 days ago. Whose fault was that? I blame the baby.

Now I just need my dream car to haul around my dream stroller. The Audi Allroad Quatro, the sporty/luxury wagon. Too bad they are discontinued.