Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Washington Visit

While we were in Washington, we didn't do the usual touristy stuff. We stayed away from Powell's bookstore, we didn't go shopping, and we didn't go to the zoo. We had our own fun just hanging around the house as a family and enjoyed all the animals in the area. And there was a lot more animal interaction there than at any zoo I've been to.
Asher working hard on the farm.
We visited some neighbors who have 2 mini horses, cows, a deer, and breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
You can see 4 puppies in the fence, I think they had 7 there at the time. Click on the picture for a better look.
Jumping mini horses, this little horse was a fireball and showed us how it is done. I think my parents have a picture of me that is very similar to this horse - jumping with my long mane of hair flying behind me.
Bill's parents have bird feeders w/ seed and humming bird feeders in their backyard and the birds were plentiful.
Bill with his dog sister, Emma. They love each other. Emma loves to sit in the recliner on your lap, all 60 lbs of her.
One of the new cats at the Weaver farm. Chester was so patients with Asher and he loved to sleep on whoever was around.
Asher loved all the animals (and he clearly loves his dad- he is giving a big squeeze). Not pictured were the regular sized horses next door or the bunnies scampering around the yard, and though Emma made the blog, the other golden retriever, Cashew, didn't. Please forgive my negligence in picture taking during this trip.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Asher

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy, Asher. Can you believe he is one? I know I can't. We got to celebrate his birthday twice. Once with Bill's parents in Washington, and we had a little party here on his actual birthday with my sister and her family. And with two parties came two different desserts: a cupcake and a giant whoopie pie. Both were delicious and loved by Asher.

Here is the giant whoopie pie. It wasn't as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped it would be. It spread a lot while it was cooking, thus it is kind of blob like.

Check out these cowboy boots. Don't be jealous, they only make them in baby sizes.
All in all, he had a great birthday. He has made us one very happy little family.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

This past weekend, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler with my friend from our ward. It went better than I ever expected. I was a little concerned that my goal time was a little lofty for the type of training I had been doing for this race. We don't have access to a gym right now, and so quite a few runs were canceled due to the weather, or because I was sick (4 times within 6 months). Despite any of the setbacks, I was very pleased with the outcome of the run. It was a fun course which started at the Washington Monument, ran over the Memorial bridge to Arlington Cemetery, ran by the Watergate Hotel, back through the Tidal Basin and back to the Washington Monument. I even managed to run it 30 seconds faster than my goal time.
My running partner. We've signed up for the Baltimore marathon and half marathon. I'm the half, I'm over running marathons right now. Imagine that?
Asher did not have as much fun as I did. In fact, he was pretty miserable the whole time. Many cheerios were eaten to hold of the crying. It was a little chilly to be standing around.
I'm in the blue. Bill says I'm really good at running behind people just when he is trying to take a picture. Whatever. I wore my new Nike LunaRacers for this race, and despite have a great training run in them, I had monstrous blisters on my toes afterwords. Disappointing, but they look pretty sharp and fast.After the race, Bill and I saw this lady walking up the hill carrying her dog like a baby. It was pretty funny, no? The dog seemed to be enjoying the ride.A post race family shot. Washington Monument in the back ground and Asher crying, he had had enough.