Sunday, February 28, 2010

33 Weeks

Me at the car show testing out a nice little Volvo SUV. Good family car, no? Not happening, but I can dream.

Hi, it's me. Do you remember me? I only ask because no one sees me any more. You know people have wondering eyes. No, not particularly inappropriate wondering eyes, but they see my stomach instead of my face. I've lost my identity. I'm the pregnant girl now, whose coat is too small. See the picture. I put on a bright shirt so you could really see what the public sees. It's awesome. My coat fit like a glove when I bought it, now a better fit comparison is that of OJ Simpson trying to put a glove on a rubber gloved hand. It just ain't going to fit. (gross, I just wrote ain't.) Good thing it has been a mild winter here in Chi town because despite my coat being half open, I'm rarely cold.
Hope you like my awesome outfit. Nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than scrubs.
Remember when I was fun and did fun things? I just thought I would throw this picture in for fun. Or, so I could remember the fun me who wasn't tired just walking up a flight of stairs. Oh the good old days. But those days will be here again in approximately 7 weeks and counting.
Funny how short 7 weeks is, because when I was up to 7 weeks pregnant, I was dying of stress. Now with 7 weeks to go, I'm dying of heart burn. I'll take the heart burn any day.

(Don't be a Debbie downer and tell me that fun is a long way out once you have kids, you can make it work)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Law School Musical

The law school musical has come and gone, and I'll have to say it was a success. In fact, dare I say, it was the best law school musical I've ever seen (I've been to all of them). Okay, so maybe I'm a little biased, but I'm supposed to be. Bill was the head writer for the musical this year and he did a great job. It was funny to everyone, not just the audience members that were drunk. (Have I mentioned that alcohol seems to be a necessary part of any law school function?)
Anyway, here is a picture of my star. In this scene, he was acting as a member of the Edmund Burke Society, hence the cravat, monocle and top hat.
Can we say Pretentious!
abominable, dogma, aficionado, au pair - some pretentious sounding words for your enjoyment.
He did a fine job indeed. Bravo Bill.
Too bad the next law school activity you have to look forward to is...the bar. Bummer.

Did you want to see a scene? Check this out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

Bill and I went out to dinner last week. It was delicious! Anyway, while we were eating, Bill kept turning around because President Packer was there. Cool hu? Then we got a better look of "President Packer" as he was carrying a martini and glass of wine from the bar to his table.
It wasn't him. What a disappointing Mormon celebrity sighting.
But, the garlic brioche monkey bread with prosciutto was delightful. I've been thinking about it all weekend.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stolen Parking Space

I have a bunch of post waiting to be published, but I'm not feeling any of them. So take this. I laugh my head off every time I see these dumb commercials, they make me want to buy a Subaru. Happy Friday!