Monday, March 22, 2010

Whats happening this week

A typical Chicagoan

It's spring break round these parts. And it has been filled to the brim with activities. First off, Bill wrote a paper all last week. I wrote a talk and worked.
We did a stay-cation here in Chicago Friday night and enjoyed some Chipotle, Wow Bao (the coconut custard bao are very tasty), and then hit up the sports authority just for fun. It was so romantic. Oh yeah, and we enjoyed the 65 degree weather!
Saturday - snowed all day. How can it be 65 one day and 30 the next? We both worked on our respective writing projects and watched New Moon. Kristen Stewart...oy.
Sunday - same thing we do every Sunday.
This week - Me - work, Bill - starts his mini MBA class, it's a week long for 2 credits. Does this mean he can have his business cards printed out to say JD, mini MBA (or just MBA in superscript)? I think it works.
Oh and did I mention I filled out a bracket this year. I don't follow basketball at all, but I'm tied for first. I was definitely suffering from some march madness until Kansas (my overall champion) decided to lose to UNI? For real?

I'm ready for a real vacation.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Hair

Remember the post I did on hair a while back. Well we watched the documentary Good Hair yesterday. I'll tell you what, it was entertaining and very informative. I had no idea that salons had layaway programs for weaves. Average weave cost around $1000. They interviewed some celebrity, and she said she spends an average $18,000 a year on her hair. It's ridiculous.
Few things I learned:
-Black people make up 20% of the population, hair products for black people make up 80% of the hair product industry.
-If your hair is relaxed, then everyone is relaxed, if your hair is nappy, you aren't happy.
-Hair for weaves come from India.
-Remember Salt n' Pepa's hair from the 80's? It was asymmetrical because their hair was burned off by relaxers.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Which Hat?

Bill and I had a disagreement (this never happens!) about which hat is cooler. I will not tell you who took what side. Please comment on which you think looks cuter.