Sunday, May 30, 2010

Asher Smiling

He's a quick smiler, so we can only catch him on the iPhone camera.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schools Out for the Summer!

Bill had his last final yesterday. Which means, he is officially done with law school. Here is a picture from his last day of class. It's worth memorializing, don't you think?
Here is a picture from his first day of school. A true University of Chicago nerd.
Okay, okay, here is a real University of Chicago law student. Calm, cool, and collected...and not as nerdy as the undergrad.Congratulations on finishing law school Bill! You are practically a lawyer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

McSneaky in the Bedroom

Inspected By: Neil Young

I know this isn't the clearest photo, but my phone was all I had with me to snap this shot. What is the significance you might ask? Well I was doing laundry today...yes I do laundry, occasionally. Yes Bill usually does it and does a great job - separates, and remember so pull things out of the washer to hang dry. I know, I married super man (does this brag fest make you want to gag?). Anyway, I was doing laundry because I wanted the sheets on the bed washed because a certain someone was eating McDonald's in my bed. I'll let you guess who (it wasn't my sweet babe, or the cat). I confronted (might have thrown a fit) the offender and he promised me he wouldn't get any crumbs in the bed. Low and behold, I wake up one night to feed my babe and I feel salt all over my side. I was angry, fuming, extremely perturbed. Mind you, I was already feeling this way when I walked in on the perpetrator person eating fries. There wasn't any salt in the bed when I went to bed, and I discovered the source. The salt was coming from old red, my blanket. My mind flashed back to earlier that evening when I saw that the biggie sized fries were being propped up by old red.
Yeah, so I was doing laundry when I saw this on the back of one of the washing machines "Inspected by Neil Young". I mean, I know Neil Young is talented - I've heard his music, but who would have thought he was also an inspection superstar.

I shouldn't even have to post a poll about this but, do you let your spouse eat in bed?
My husband does it while I'm at work...little wiesel!

P.S. The previous poll about gifts was posted because Bill always wants to do gifts early, like a week early. I like to do gifts on the day of the holiday. Bill thinks I'm the weird one waiting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watch Cat

Cass is a "watch cat". He likes to watch over the baby and make sure he is okay (I'm in the same room, don't worry). When the babe cries, Cass will sit by his crib until we come and get him. He has been trained well. Now I just need to train him to turn off lights and fetch things for me, like chap stick and my cell phone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The good and the bad

This is what my life has come to. Trying to get work done on the computer. I use to term work lightly, you know, catching up on my google reader, looking for blessing outfits- yes it's true, we've yet to agree on one. I gave birth, I should have the last word, no? Anyway, to get "work" done, I've strapped my boy into the baby bjorn and lucky me, as soon as he was in, he fell asleep. I love it when he sleeps!
Few things have happened lately, mostly things of the tragic nature (except my sister coming for a quick visit, that was great!). We'll start with the positives.
Good things that have happened:
1. Sister came. Very fun.
2. My babe is finally napping. Hallelujah.
3. I'm still eating chocolate. Thank goodness.
Bad things that have happened:
1. Dish washer. The dish washer is broken again. Bla, I hate it when this happens, the time frame for it being fixed is 24-48 hours, that means 72. What else does that mean, dishes are stacking up and I don't want to do them. Paper plates anyone?
2. The weather. It's cold and rainy out. What does that mean, our (as in me and the babe) outings are limited, or non-existent.
3. Air mattress. Out air mattress has a usual. This is our third air mattress in as many years. Why? Why? They are too expensive to have to replace after every other guest that comes to visit. Okay, so maybe we've gotten more use than every other, but it seems that frequent. And did I mention that they cost too much to replace frequently, oh yeah I did, well I've said it again. Can't someone make a more durable mattress, or lower the price of real mattresses and we'll buy another bed.
4. The bar. Bill started studying for the CA bar on May 1st. The schedule for bar study is everyday, including Saturday and Sunday. What a bummer.
5. My hair. It looks atrocious. I know, this is a frequent topic on this blog, but hair can make or brake you. I had a hair cut scheduled for the week before my due date. But then the Sunday before the appointment, I decided to cancel. It turned out to be a good move since the babe came early.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No title tuesday

One of my earliest memories was my mom putting me down for a nap when I was little. I hated naps and thought they were so boring. I remember sneaking down the stairs to see what exciting things my mom was doing. She was doing something equally boring - reading the newspaper. After seeing that, I went back to my nap.
Now here I am, relishing my sweet babe's nap time, reading (not the newspaper though). It's official, I'm boring.

I have a poll for you all to take on the side bar. Please participate.
Do you like to receive presents early or on the day of the holiday. i.e. Do you like to get birthday presents 3 days before your actual birthday, or would you rather receive them on the real date?

Saturday, May 1, 2010