Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So regarding the last post about couponing. I feel like the pressure is on and you all will be sorely disappointed. Let me just say this, first, we have no storage and so buying multiples really isn't an option for us, second, couponing is a lot of work (and I'm lazy), and third, why doesn't anyone ever have coupons for the stuff I buy the most--produce? My method of saving money is to have a little black book with a page devoted to the various stores in the area that I frequent. Each page I have listed the price of items that I buy frequently, ie. pasta, milk, meats, fruits and vegetables etc. That way I know if something really is a good deal or not, because I could never remember otherwise. I read the adds, and print out coupons when I see things that I need or plan meals around things on sale. So, though I'm not a hard core couponer, I'm working at being thrifty.

Enough of that. On to life. We really haven't done much. While our car was in the shop for 2 weeks, we stayed in most of the time, or went on walks to nearby places. But the weather was great, and it also helped me to be frugal. I do have a testimony of food storage, I managed to scrape together meals with what we had.
Anyway, being trapped at home, Bill pulled out the baseball gloves and baseballs. Like Father, like son, Asher loves baseball. That is fine by me. Like mother, like son, he loves water, bath time is great and pool time this summer will be even better.

Like I said, we've been walking a lot of places. My babe thinks the bar for his car seat is a perfect footrest. Even though it was lovely outside, I put a jacket on him so that he wouldn't get too cold while I was running fast. Just kidding, a light jacket was nice to have.
We went on a lot of runs together. He is generally a good sport, especially when we don't have to have the weather cover on the stroller.
And here is mischief. He was crawling around and got into my bag. He discovered my licorice and dumped it out and then helped himself. He thoroughly enjoyed.
On a final note, I've been reading the Hunger Games series. I need the 3rd book. I'm number 16 on the wait-list at the library for the book. Does anyone in the DC area of the last book I could borrow for a day or 2? Please?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I've been trying to be a good little saver and use coupons. I saw a lady at Target using coupons and when I started paying attention, her bill was at $98, after all her coupons were entered in, her bill was $43. I like saving money, but I've never had success like that. Maybe $5 here or there. Here is the problem, I look at couponing website and they have deals on stuff I don't buy - pop tarts, weight watchers frozen ice cream bars, oreos, gluten free food. Don't get me wrong, I love oreos, but I don't have room to buy 2 things of oreos to save $1. So what is the secret? I swear Target never has coupons out at the same time a manufacturer has coupons out. Should I start getting the Sunday paper? Any websites that are a must? Tell me, please! Because I just don't know.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swimming v. Baseball

This is Bill. Recently, Kate had a couple blog posts debating which sport was "more athletic," swimming or baseball. The commenters on these posts favored swimming. Their arguments strain all sense of reason. Accordingly, they merit no refutation. Instead, I have put together the following video summarizing the issue. Be sure to let it load and play it with sound to really drive the point home. Double-click for full-screen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best you can be

My baby helps me to be the best that I can be.

He prevents slothfulness:
  • Apparently 6:15 AM is wake up time. Sleeping past 7 is a waste of a day. Doesn't he realize that the Today show doesn't even come on until 7?
He helped Bill with child proofing duties (see picture above):
  • We have one kitchen entrance gated, but not the other. He discovered the other entrance, and he also discovered cat food.
He helps me keep a tidy house:
  • He grabbed my little bag of Doritos while I was checking fb. Of course half the bag was crumbs (thanks Cass for lounging on all the chips), and so he picked up the bag and swung it with all his might. Bright orange crumbs everywhere. I vacuumed the rug, the couch and swept. Family room cleaned, check.
He helps me stay strong:
  • He helps me stay strong by climbing all over me while doing pilates. Nothing helps your core on a plank hold like 19 extra pounds on your back.
He helps me to be productive:
  • Leaving the computer open on the couch for Asher is like a moth to a light. He can't resist it, he will pound on it. So we stay busy doing other things.
He prevents gluttony:
  • He likes food. He likes to try new food...that we're eating. He gets grumpy in the evening, and doesn't like peace and quiet during dinner. He likes to be involved, and yes, he will have a bite of your mashed potatoes.
I just might be able to keep all of my new years resolutions.