Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pools out for the summer!

Happy Summer! The pool at our apartment complex opened yesterday, so we made a family event out of it and graced it with our presence. The great thing about our pool is it has a baby pool and a regular sized pool, there were only 2 other families there and they have a life guard on duty. I didn't know small pools likes this did that, but it seems to be the standard around here. We don't plan on having to utilize the skills of the life guard, but it is a nice thing to have around, no?
We plan on spending a lot of time at the pool. So instead of buying disposable swim diapers, I bought some reusable swim diapers. Here he is modeling one of them. I think they are so dang cute. So far I'm very pleased with them.

It is kind of nice to have an excuse to go swimming again. We all had a great time. Thankfully, we won't have to drag the camera along next time. No need to document the second time swimming.

Now for a PSA:
Do you guys remember these things - the swim tube trainer? Please don't buy them! When I was a life guard, I saw kids wearing these things and they would inevitably tip over when their parents weren't looking and get stuck with their legs above water and head below. Don't do it, they should be banned from the market. Worst idea ever.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The flavors of summer

Since we are city slickers, having a garden really isn't possible. I shed a few tears over this every year. But alas, we have a balcony so I decided to plant a few things. 1. Basil. I love basil and it is outrageously priced at the grocery store. 2. Tomatoes. What, tomatoes on a balcony, never! Yes it's true. My friend Cami told me she bought some balcony tomatoes at the store just the other day. They only grow to about 2-3 feet high, and the fruit is only a few inches. So, we are giving them a try. I was worried, because last weekend was the end of the world and I would be very upset if I didn't get to taste the fruits of my labors. Aren't we lucky that the world didn't end? Tomatoes will be here in July. Asher is a good little helper. Bad picture, but what kind of a face do you expect when you taste dirt? It did look like chocolate cake crumbs, easy to confuse.
Bring on the flavors of summer: blt's, panzanella, pizza, and caprese salad.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Quiet

You know there is trouble when it is quiet. Here are a few examples.
Cass sleeping in my bed. I'm surprised I didn't find him with his head on my pillow and the blankets pulled up, but it was a hot day so sprawling out in the open is much cooler. Naughty cat.
We tracked down the Lobster Roll truck after reading about it in Bon Appetit. It was delicious and over priced...and had a horrendous line. But we were too busy stuffing our faces with fresh Maine lobster to care. It was naughty...good naughty.
Does this need an explanation? I think not. Naughty boy.
Kung Fu Panda hat, the hat owned by all loyal fans of Pablo Sandoval. It has many uses, obviously more than just for baseball it can be used to scare people. Naughty Bill.We bought a season pass to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Okay, so no one is particularly quiet or naughty. But you have to be quiet on the tour, or else you can get kicked out. And that is naughty.
But you can be loud when viewing the animals. The sheep sure were noisy. Naughty sheep. That's probably why they live outside.
Giants vs. Nationals. Giants lost, we were quiet. They didn't play quite as well as they did during the world series. But they are smoking hot now. Naughty Giants.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy belated Easter. I'm not even going to apologize for posting this a week late. Sometimes, that is just the way it is. Easter was kind of a bust for Asher this year. I thought we would have a fun little egg was a failure. See picture below. I put Asher in the grass with eggs right by him, visible even. He started to get up then he realized how much he hates grass.
See, he hates grass. He is trying to hold his legs up so that he doesn't touch anything. So we had a modified hunt. I held eggs up to him, and he found them.
Then we took a break in the swing and happiness ensued.
Asher enjoyed the bounty of the egg hunt from the safety of a park bench.And then got to ride on my shoulders back to the apartment. Maybe the traditional Easter egg hunt will go better next year. Hope you all had an awesome Easter, egg hunt aside, we did.