Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote of the Day

Best quote I've heard in a long time:

"Office jobs are the reason blogs exist"
got the quote from this blog who got it from someone else.

This couldn't be more true.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My poopy car

Not our car, ours was only left on poop street for 1 night

Remember this post I did our first year here about the poop street? Well this street has plagued us for 3 winters now. It truly is the bane of my existence. Why? Because 1) poop street is prime parking, 2) poop street is more than one street, thus more good parking unusable, and 3) even parking around poop street by a small unassuming tree can leave your car looking disgusting.
Oh I hate it. The shame of driving a poop covered car. All it takes is 1 open parking spot which you take out of desperation, and you're done. You can forget having any shred of dignity again until spring.
I drove over to the gas station so that I could wash my windows, I scrubbed for about a half an hour. Those birds poop cement. Later I pulled up the round about of our building to unload my groceries before I parked and what did the doorman say. I'll tell you "Oh girl, I know where you've been parking!"
I should just buck up and fork out the dough for covered parking, but alas I can think of a lot of things I could do with that kind of ca$h. Or better yet, I could think of a way to exterminate those dang crows that should have migrated during the fall.
Hopefully, next year, you won't have to endure my rants about poop street. Cross your fingers.

*Poop street is only poopy during the winter months. And the birds only do their work at night.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Story...not mine, someone else's

There have been a lot of deaths in the news lately. Because of this, I decided I needed to be a true American and honor one of those laid to rest, Erich Segal. I honored him last night by reading Love Story. Can I just tell you that I cried my eyes out. Bill looked over at me and was like "what is wrong?" as I was wiping the black tear streaks off my face. At that point, I threw the book on the coffee table and proclaimed, "you must read this, it's all about law, you'll love it."
So, I might have pushed the law side of the story more than I should have, but come on, everyone should read this iconic book. We'll see if he fell for my for the bate and actually reads it.
Erich, may you rest in peace.

*I didn't say this was the best book I've ever read, I just think it is something you have to read at some point in your life.
** I cry all the time right now, I can't be held accountable for my emotional status at this point in my life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill

It's Bill's birthday today, and it is also the Oliver Wendall Holmes mustache contest at school. He decided he would participate this year but opted for quality over quantity. So may I present to you a series of bearded birthday pictures.
1st, we have the full on beard, or shall we say a healthy neck beard. Don't hold it against him, it gets better. It's the closest I'll get to rugged mountain man, which is quite all right with me.
Next, we have completion of the beard trim.........with what could be interpreted as "I mean business" facial hair. Or, maybe a little french, "you killed my father, prepare to die".
And finally, we have the sultry shot. Bill may or may not have used some performance-enhancing substances. But he's not here to talk about the past. The picture is a little Blue Steel, no?

Anyway, to the point of the post. Happy Birthday Bill!! 27 never looked so good...or sultry.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Since we are back from the holidays, I figured I should probably update. So I'll grace you with one of our activities while visiting family.
You know L!ttle People B!g World? Well they are located just outside of Portland. I convinced Bill (which took a lot of convincing) that we should go check out their farm, despite being closed for the season. What a good husband, he appeased me and we drove down and snapped this picture at the road leading to their farm. I was mildly embarrassed of our touristy actions and rushed everyone back into the car after the picture was taken. However, just as we were driving away, another family unabashedly stopped in front to the sign to snap a picture. I wasn't quite so embarrassed after that. Can we say awesome! We should have hit up "The L!ttle Chocolatiers" store while we were in SLC (as that is another TLC show, also about dwarfs, (and no, our tourist destinations are not based on the locations of little people reality shows))