Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New BFF

Yesterday I bought this. I LOVE it! I've been kind of looking for a city bike for a while. I say kind of because everyday when I walk home from work, I see all these bikes, like this one, chained up to the gates around apartment buildings, and I contemplate taking one. No one would notice, right? Okay, I would never steel, but I sure did covet. I also perused cr@ig's list occasionally for a bike that fit and didn't require a major overhaul. And yesterday I had success, I found this sweet puppy out in Aurora- the home of Wayne's World. I made A go with me to pick it up all the way out in suburbia, and I felt somewhat giddy at the prospect of being in a place with so much grass and open space. And then I realized when we were cramming the bike into my car that the lady probably picked this up at a suburbia garage sale for cheap and was re-selling it to some city slicker (aka, me - they don't have garage sales in the city, no one has garages/yards) for a fat profit. Yeah, I think I got taken, but oh well, you find something that is perfect and you snatch it up.
You know, maybe I would be able to get to work on time now that the buses have a weird summer schedule. That would be great! And I love the baskets, perfect for my groceries, or library books, flowers, farmers market, beach crap, and maybe even a puppy (j/k - we aren't getting a puppy, yet). Now I just need to buy 2 bike locks, because that seems to be the standard around here. Maybe one u-lock will suffice.
Car Spindle from Wayne's World. It no longer exists.
image from Whateverland

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Car Windshield

Remember my post from Vegas when I got a big fat crack up the middle of my windshield after going through the car wash in 110 degree weather. Well this winter the crack spread so now it is L shaped (why doesn't anyone tell you not to run your window defrost on a cracked window? It's like that time the radiator was taking its last breaths and I was still cranking the AC - oops) Apparently, I learn through experience. Anyway, I need to get my windshield replaced and I've been reading through reviews on auto shops, and just about everyone talks about getting their windshield replaced because their car was broken into. Remember the good old days, or Utah days, where you get your windshield replaced because of a crack from a rock....not from a bat? Knock on wood.

Image from here

No more man in the mirror

MJ, we are all going to miss you. May you rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiny Living

On my Google homepage, an article was featured about living in small spaces. They had a warning section and in it, it stated "There is a substantial investment involved in building or buying a tiny home. Be sure you are physically and mentally prepared."
So check out this house in Alexandria, VA. It is called the Spite House because it was built out of spite, of course. How very charming, but I don't think I'm the right kind of person for a tiny home. Our first year of marriage we lived in a little studio, and I've been cured ever since of quaint living spaces. I suppose the lack of heat, a horrific mouse problem, and the ceiling dripping on our bed probably heavily influenced our feelings toward this place, but the article is correct, you must be physically and mentally prepared.

Image from Apartment Therapy.com

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where have I been?

I don't know, but I definitely haven't been blogging. I just having been feeling it. No new material in my life right now. I mean gang initiation weeks is over, and Chicago is pretty calm and humid. Speaking of humidity, I'm still trying to decide what is worse, 110 degrees of dry heat or 85 degrees with humidity. Right now I think humidity wins. I think I would have picked humidity as the worst even while suffering through hot Las Vegas summer.
Anyway, I'll get to the point. I went to DC last weekend, and it was glorious, and hot, and humid. Bill told me it was rainy, so I showed up in jeans and a tee-shirt with a heavy sweater (prepared for Chicago weather) only to find out it was really hot and really humid. After walking all over the mall trying to find my sisters work (a cool museum, think night at the museum type of place, yes she really is that cool) I was drenched, and immediately changed into the 1 warm weather piece of clothing that I brought and wore it for the whole weekend. I'll be better prepared next time.
I had a great weekend. I got to see Julia Child's kitchen (I really want to see the movie Julie and Julia coming out in August about our dearest Julia Child). I also saw the original flag that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner. Cool, I know. Met up with my sister for lunch and then met up with Bill later that evening after he coerced all of the summer interns to take off early (5:30 pm) for the weekend. And the rest of the weekend we just chilled. I got to see his office, ran the Lawyers Have Heart 10k with Bill's firm (see team picture below, kind of awkward) ate food, because that is what we do, and chilled with my sister and her husband. Thanks sister for letting us bum at your place.
Here we are, nice and sweaty.
Yeah, matching team shirts. All lawyers and a wife...Bill you need to start running your own races.
Oh, I guess I have some material to share with you. I saw this hearse leaving the hospital one day while I was running errands around campus. Good thing I had my phone with me or else what would I do a post on?

And finally, as for the poll, I just wanted to see if Chicago was a Midwest thing or nationwide. Apparently it is a nation wide phenomenon because I seem to be in the minority. I can accept that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool and Gross

Bill sent me this picture, he is just waiting for a hearing to start in congress. Cool hu? Well I think so.

As a side note. I can never eat in the hospital cafeteria. Do you know why? Because the morgue is by the cafeteria. A and I have seen bodies being rolled past the entrance of the cafeteria, on their way to the morgue. Gross and disturbing.

Image from here

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So today at work, A and I were having a conversation about music. The conversation turned into a heated debate (not really) about a certain band. A band by the name of Chicago. We had differing opinions about the band and while we were bantering back and forth, others jumped in with their opinion. So please take the poll on the side bar, I'm just dying to know what you think of the band Chicago.

Picture from noted.blogs.com

Scroll down for the poll.

It has been brought to my attention that my poll is unfair, as in there should be a option for "Sure, I like Chicago". A was complaining this morning about it so I'm redoing the poll. Recast your vote please.